Skeletina and the Greedy Tooth Fairy


Skeletina and the Greedy Tooth Fairy

About the Product

Follow Skeletina as she helps an ordinary girl navigate her extraordinary dream in Skeletina and the Greedy Tooth Fairy, a charming picture book about nightmares, bravery, and honesty by Susie Jaramillo, and the otherwordly follow-up to Skeletina and the In-Between World.

Skeletina's day starts just like any other in the mixed-up, upside-down, in-between world she calls home. That is, until she hears a strange sound coming from right inside her house. There's a little girl crying behind the walls, and her teeth keep falling out! But Skeletina knows who can sniff out the truth.

Join fun-loving and fearless Skeletina on another in-between adventure as she helps a frightened little girl conquer her fears and turn a scary dream into something much more fun!

32 Pages

ISBN: 9781250872012

Format: Hard Cover Picture Book

Language: English

Age Range: 4-8