First Words Gift Bundle

Book & Bilingual Stroller Cards

First Words Gift Bundle

Book & Bilingual Stroller Cards

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About the Product

Learn on-the-go with this gift bundle that gives kids the perfect opportunity for hands-on exploration of key vocabulary in English and Spanish. This bundle combines our beautiful Bilingual Stroller Cards with the Bilingual Firsts book First 100 Words to give your child a play-based approach to language learning.

Stroller Cards: First Words

  • 35 cards attached to a secure ring, making them easy to flip through and hard to lose!
  • Ages 2+

First 100 Words

  • "This book belongs to" page to personalize with your child’s name.
  • English and Spanish included for each feeling to learn two languages at once.
  • Beautiful art with brightly colored characters from the Emmy-nominated series.

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