Canticos The Birthday Book - Birthday Party Cookies by Alicia's Delicias

A Sweet Canticos Theme Birthday Party

Birthdays are an excuse for parents to spoil their kids just a little more than on a typical day.  This is exactly what talented painter and baker, and Cake Wars winner Alicia Becerra did when her daughter asked for a Canticos themed birthday party inspired by our ‘Las Manañitas’ book.

The celebration featured Alicia's famous hand painted cookies, which have been featured on the Food Network, Parents Magazine, BuzzFeed, and many others.


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Kid watching Canticos sing-along videos on Nick Jr.

Five Super Powers to Cultivate in our Kids

I believe we each have our own “super powers” or strengths that make us unique and special.  As parents, we want to pass on our best traits and cultivate our children’s own super powers.

Here are the 5 super powers I use to infuse every part of the Canticos brand.  These are the same 5 super powers I instill in my children. I share them with you in hopes they can inspire the values that you cultivate in your own children. 


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