Nursery rhymes are a great early literacy tool for kids learning English and Spanish.

Nursery Rhymes: A Great Tool For Early Literacy

Nursery rhymes are not only fun little songs to keep your little ones entertained, they’re also great tools to help them learn and grow!

As they sing, move, and dance, kids are building language, motor, and many more skills.

As a mom, I know how important it is to ensure that fun activities be also learning opportunities.

It’s for this reason that I love the power of nursery rhymes.

Here are just a few of the benefits of nursery rhymes for baby and toddler development.

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Canticos bilingual board books for kids.

Bilingualism: Tips For Establishing Cultural Connections And Staying The Course

Being bilingual allows us to communicate with more people, appreciate other cultures and enjoy many cognitive benefits. We’ve experienced this first hand since we’re both bilingual and learned English at a young age. So when our daughters were born, we knew we wanted to teach them Spanish, but our reasons at that moment came more from the heart.

As Latinas, Spanish is at the core of our cultural identity. It’s connected to our childhood and the people we love, so we couldn’t imagine our daughters not having the language to communicate with our families, or not being able to participate in cultural traditions that were important to us.

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Greetings & Giggles: How to Teach Manners While Having Fun

Greetings & Giggles: How to Teach Manners While Having Fun

Manners matter. We all want our kids to be well-mannered citizens of the world and teaching them to be so shouldn’t have to be boring.

While manners include everything from saying “please” and “thank you” to offering compliments and exhibiting proper etiquette at the dinner table, the easiest place to start teaching manners is with greetings.

Proper greetings like “Hello” or “Good morning” are the first step for your little one to establish a relationship with a new friend or to make a great first impression with her teacher at the start of the school day.

Here are a few tips to help your little ones practice greeting phrases:

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Kid watching Canticos sing-along videos on Nick Jr.

Five Super Powers to Cultivate in our Kids

I believe we each have our own “super powers” or strengths that make us unique and special.  As parents, we want to pass on our best traits and cultivate our children’s own super powers.

Here are the 5 super powers I use to infuse every part of the Canticos brand.  These are the same 5 super powers I instill in my children. I share them with you in hopes they can inspire the values that you cultivate in your own children. 


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