Bilingualism gives kids an early start. Canticos books in Spanish and English help kids learn two languages in a fun way.

Give Your Baby A Little Head Start At Bedtime!

Why is bilingualism so good?

Countless studies support the idea that bilingualism is good for babies. Bilingualism has been linked to:
  • Improved cognitive skills which influence how babies learn, remember, pay attention and problem solve
  • Improved executive functioning which involve self-control and self-regulation
  • Protecting the brain later in life which includes the offset of dementia

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Canticos bilingual nursery rhyme books in English and Spanish.

Beautiful Books Can Make A World Of Difference

They say the pen is stronger than the sword. This is usually positioned in the context of Plato, Marx, Niche or journalism, history books or political works.

So can we possibly help bring people together in a country full of friction with a pen, the paintbrush, and our good ole Macbook Pro?

Certainly children’s books have been used to encourage the best of our human nature and discourage the worst for hundreds of years.

Beautiful books become even more important when you are introducing a collection of traditional nursery rhymes from one culture to a whole new audience completely unfamiliar with either the language or the roots behind these works.

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Kid watching Canticos sing-along videos on Nick Jr.

Five Super Powers to Cultivate in our Kids

I believe we each have our own “super powers” or strengths that make us unique and special.  As parents, we want to pass on our best traits and cultivate our children’s own super powers.

Here are the 5 super powers I use to infuse every part of the Canticos brand.  These are the same 5 super powers I instill in my children. I share them with you in hopes they can inspire the values that you cultivate in your own children. 


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A Teacher’s Perspective: How to Help Preschoolers Learn Spanish

A Teacher’s Perspective: How to Help Preschoolers Learn Spanish

Jheymy Rivera really knows what it takes to raise bilingual kids. Not only does she have two kids of her own, but she is also the Lead Teacher at ¡HolaKids! Spanish Immersion Preschool in California. We spoke to Jheymy to get insights on how to help kids learn Spanish from an expert’s perspective. Here is what she had to say.

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Little Skeletons / Esqueletitos - A day of the dead book by Susie Jaramillo (Canticos)

Time Is Ticking: Susie Jaramillo on the Day of the Dead

The author/illustrator Susie Jaramillo is the creator and publisher of the acclaimed “Canticos” books. Here she talks about what inspired her latest bilingual, foldout, lift-the-flap board book, Little Skeletons Countdown to Midnight/Esqueletitos: un libro de contar en El Día de los Muertos (Encantos). 

The Day of the Dead (DOD) holiday, (El Día de los Muertos) from October 31 to November 2, is both a celebration honoring those loved ones whom we've lost, and whom I would like to think still walk among us, and a reminder that life is short and precious and we should treasure the time we have. I’ve always loved the iconography and pageantry that has surrounded this particular holiday. Mexican people have a way of being close to death.

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